10000 mah power bank

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10000 mAh Power bank

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Interlink 10000 mAh Power Bank:

Interlink Power banks is compatible with iPad,iPhone and android smart phones with USB charging.

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There are not enough products in stock

10000 mAh Power Bank:

Interlink 10000 mAh Power Bank is compatible with all android and iOs smart phones.

Good To Excellent:

             Kings of intelligent mobile phone, electronic digital products, such as the part of the tablet before charging. Smart chip control current size, efficient and stable output, high quality goods, recycle as much as 1000 times. Standard general USB output, plug and play.


             If don't use remain idle for a long time, charge once every two months at least, try to keep the power is about 50%. In use process, the resistance, the charging outlet will have a little fever, not more that 50 C belongs to the  normal phenomenon, is not a failure. Please do not arbitrarily discarded electronic products to the local recycling location.

Warm Prompt:

             Lease do not let children goods don't have to use the equipment personal contact use. Do not use the power adapter not certification for the mobile power charging, do not apply equipment output dc on the do not conform to the output parameters of equipment to prevent  the failure or fire. Please do not arbitrarily, disassembly, pierced equipment, water, be affected,sun, do not use high temperature environment to prevent the failure of fire.

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